Are Nordic Countries Getting tough on crime? NSfK Working Group

Are Nordic Countries Getting tough on crime? (Helsinki 1-2 November 2016)

The aim of the working group was to discuss and compare recent developments in crime control in the Nordic countries: are they getting tougher on crime? Has the ’refugee crisis’ had impact on these developments? Participants were asked to give a 20-30 min presentation addressing one or more of the following questions: what impact has the recent changed social and political context, and the refugee crisis in particular had for criminal policy and crime control? What kinds of reforms, or proposals for such, have been introduced on the level of politics, policy, law-making or enforcement? Who have been the targets of control? Have these actions or initiatives for action been analyzed by researchers?

The Council Member arranging the meeting was Anne Alvesalo-Kuusi from Finland.

Below please find the presentations from the working group meeting :